Moving country in need of a trust worthy advisor to help you, we will advise the safe areas within the city your looking to move & manage this on high crime reports to ensure when you arrive to your new home that you are not only safe but also we provide you with a gold service to protect you with your move.

We have many relocation packages available & all of our relocation & property advisors will understand your requests been able to advise on the geography of the city to suit your requests, whether its moving next to a school or been in the city next to all the swanky night life, we have the apartments available, covering a wide range of areas.

Guards Real Estate have helped many overseas tenants in there quest of making the big move to a new city, we know how you feel & what it takes to ensure you have a great impression of your new home environment. We have many world traveler’s in house who understand what its like to start fresh in a new city/country, we are here to make your move is that much simpler.

Guards are here to protect you.